Engagement Sliders formative assessment tool

Engagement Sliders - Making every voice matter.

Capture every learner's sentiment, dive into meaningful discussions, and elevate engagement.

Engagement Sliders is a formative assessment tool for teachers to gather student feedback and assess classroom engagement. It's designed to be quick, effective, and inclusive, allowing teachers to track engagement over time and gain immediate insights without needing specialized data analysis skills.

Teachers can create questionnaires, share them with students via email, learning management systems, or QR codes, and students use Engagement Sliders to indicate their enjoyment and challenge level of the lesson. This method helps identify students who need more or less challenge and those who didn't enjoy the lesson as much. The tool's simplicity enables frequent use without causing survey fatigue, and teachers can analyze individual student engagement over time.


Use of Engagement Sliders supports building a learning partnership where students' voices are heard, empowering them to communicate barriers and enablers to learning.

Engagement Sliders thus help teachers create effective, inclusive, and engaging classrooms by fostering rich teacher-student partnerships and making meaningful changes based on student feedback.


Find out more about using Engagement Sliders in your teaching here.

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