Te Kete Hono

Te Kete Hono - SchoolTalk is a social impact enterprise set up by Stonefields Collaborative Trust and the Hugh Green Foundation. We remain committed to our shared vision of “powerful collaboration driving educational improvement and equity for all learners."

Our mission is to be a catalyst for educational improvement and equity by turning innovative school leadership and practice in teaching, learning and assessment into educational systems, products and services that can be impactful at scale.

Our portfolio of products is headlined by our Learning Management System, SchoolTalk which codifies the teaching, learning and assessment practices that cannot be left to change. We also offer a suite of professional learning and development services that our wonderful team can provide to support your school’s improvement journey.

Te kete hono means the unified, connected and joined basket and represents a basket which holds and connects essential, everyday tools for learning (SchoolTalk). The kete must be held, carried, and joined together by our learners, our tamariki, their whānau and our schools/teachers if their aspirations are to be enabled and realised.

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