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Schools are facing mounting challenges in managing teaching and learning at school and home in response to the pandemic. Some of these challenges will undoubtedly be with us for a long time. We have put together a series of digital professional development workshops which focus on the pedagogical practices that sustain and accelerate learning - not only in normal times but also under hybrid learning conditions.

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Learner Agency

Shifting from a ‘buzz word’ to a core belief

Friday, 28 October 2022

So many schools and Kahui Ako are using the word and talking about agency… Why? How are they enabling it and what are they doing? Taking time to develop a shared understanding, defining what it is and why it is important can not be underestimated. What is your current reality, where do you aspire to be and how might you get there? Come and learn about our journey and how we have developed Agentic Capabilities to better enable ‘curriculum weaving’ and have some take away strategies to work through in your own context.

Designing a Graduate Profile -To Inform Local Curriculum

Designing a graduate profile. What is it, why is it important and where on earth do you start? Locally… What is your current reality, where do you aspire to be and how might you get there?

In this workshop we will share how Stonefields School tackled the challenge of surfacing what is critical to know and what is critical to learn. Our graduate profile has been pivotal while thinking about our local curriculum and curriculum entitlements. It has not been easy; we have traveled the undulating path of change yet again. Insights into what has worked and what hasn’t will support schools in their journey of imagining, reviewing and/or refining their own graduate profile in the context of their own community.


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