2021 Leadership Series

Part 1: Leading Collaboratively

A new initiative, the leadership series will appeal to principals and senior leaders who are passionate about improving teaching and learning in their schools. It consists of four half days which build upon one another and focus on the collaborative aspects of leadership. We aim to create a high trust collaborative kaupapa so that participants can reflect on their own leadership style and learn from one another.

The series starts by exploring the purpose of leadership and what is unique and at the heart of educational leadership. The next session addresses the question of how a collaborative culture is established, monitored and maintained? It goes on to explore the co-creation of strategy and achieving change momentum through developing processes that maximise buy in. Finally the series will be wrapped up with evaluating collective impact and improvement, the real measure of one's leadership effectiveness.

This session also features guest speaker Derek Wenmoth, discussing what is distinctive about educational leadership.

Date: Friday, 13th August

Cost: $550 for 4 x half days

Part 2: Building and Leading a Collaborative Culture

The second workshop in our collaborative leadership series focuses on Establishing, Maintaining and Checking in on the culture of your school or team. Culture is an important leadership focus because: “The only thing of real importance that leaders do is to create and manage culture. If you do not manage culture, it manages you, and you may not even be aware of the extent to which this is happening.” Edgar Schein Culture has a significant impact on our collective efficacy as educators.

Sarah Martin, Principal of Stonefields School will be facilitating this workshop and she will

draw on her experiences of building the school culture over 11 years since the school opened its doors. There has been a lot of learning! The workshop will address the following topics:

  • What is organisational Culture

  • Why is it an important leadership focus?

  • Values Lived 

  • Creating the conditions for people to thrive 

  • Growing conversational intelligence

  • Building Trust

  • Evaluating and Transforming culture 

There will also be a number of experiential exercises designed to help participants apply their learnings and insights to their own leadership. In particular we will work on:

  • Developing a shared language of learning

  • Dealing constructively with “Points of Difference”

Tracey Ezard will be joining us on Zoom from Australia.  Tracey is a keynote speaker, author and educator, who is dedicated to inspiring people to collaborate and thrive in the workplace, her passion is working with leaders and their teams to build a strong culture of trust, collaboration and learning.

Date: Friday, 3rd September

Part 3: Co-Creating Strategy and Change

The third workshop in the Collaborative Leadership Series focused on setting the strategic direction of the school in a way that mobilises and energises the whole community of stakeholders and creates the climate for collective ownership of the implementation and its outcomes.

We will address the following topics:

  • Embedding a compelling vision, living values

  • Co-creating strategy with all key stakeholders

  • Making informed trade -off decisions about strategic direction and resource allocation

  • Leveraging collective potential to implement strategic change

Participants will have the opportunity to identify and plan a change that they intend to lead in their context using the tools and frameworks introduced in this session.

Phil Toomer, current principal of Meadowband School (decile 10) and past principal of Glenavon School (decile 1) will be joining us as a guest speaker. He will share stories about how he engages whanau and teachers in strategic planning to help identify the strategic priorities for the school.

Date: Friday, 24th September